AGM – 23rd Jul, 2019

Annual General Meeting

On Tuesday 23 July 2019 the first AGM was held at 280 Pitt St, Sydney.

Members present:
Kym Staton, Ralph Graham, Natalia Minana, Renee Dvir, Frances Rapport, Belinda McPherson, Jason Alan,
Non members: Emma Rofe

Absent: Yao Xu (treasurer)

~ Welcome
~ Apologies
~ Secretary’s report
~ President’s report
~ Election of office roles
~ Treasurer position volunteer call out/election
~ Motions
~ Questions
~ Close

Secretary’s report
Ralph Graham gave a report of the activities that have taken place since the formation of the Association adding some background as to how the Sydney Vegan Club came to be the association.

Presidents report
Kym Staton presented his report giving an overview of the aims of the association and vision for the future.
* Ways that we can increase our funding were presented, including more social media coverage of our events by our volunteer team, making a video, photos etc and sharing it with our facebook followers, fb group, email subsribers etc.
* The alternative of seeking grants to help cover the majority of our running costs was also presented, and some detail into how we have succesfully managed to obtain grants from Vegfund – a US based vegan charity – in the past, and the amount of work involved with that.
* Kym described the vision for the future of VEA, and the opportunities to develop the scope and influence of our association if we can grow our funding and our program, towards a Vegan Sydney.

Election of Office Roles
Kym Staton was the only member to nominate for president, so the nomination was accepted. Ralph Graham was the only member to nominate for secretary, so the nomination was accepted.

Treasurer position volunteer call out/election
The business at hand was to elect the office bearers. President and secretary were re-elected and as Yao  Xu is no longer available Belinda McPherson nominated herself and was elected as the new treasurer. Belinda will be given access to VEA bank account and a copy of our debit card, and will take over the role of budgeting and processing membership applications and fee payments.

Frances Rapport moved that future meetings be held on a different night to the education event night, Kym seconded and the motion was discussed and carried.