Glebe Cafe Makes Black Burgers That Might Just Be The Perfect Hangover Cure

A new cafe at Glebe claims to have created the perfect hangover cure, with its meal of charcoal infused burger and pancakes, washed down with a charcoal and lychee tonic, all as black as the ace of spades.

Activated charcoal has long been a staple in hospitals, where it is used to prevent poisons and lethal overdoses of drugs from being absorbed by the body. It’s a potent detoxifier, which could do everything from preventing hangovers to mitigating the side effects of food poisoning. Real Grounded Cafe’s head chef Elaine Ramiro worked for three months to perfect her blackened recipes for detoxifying pancakes de noir, vegan chickpea burger with Charcoal Brioche and ‘Char-Chee Tonic’, all sharing the dark hue of the activated charcoal ingredient.

While technically made of the same material as the charcoal briquettes that create a bed of glowing orange coals in a backyard barbecue, activated charcoal is a decidedly different thing to barbeque fuel. Food-grade activated charcoal is most frequently produced by heating coconut shells to extremely high temperatures until they are carbonised, or completely burned up. The resulting ash is then processed with steam or hot air at equally high temperatures to produce a “microporous structure.” Activated Charcoal is a highly porous substance that cleanses and detoxifies by attracting and absorbing chemicals.
Real Grounded Cafe is also a 100% vegan cafe, the culmination of a health-journey of founder Ursula Zajaczkowski, who went vegan after a scary trip to hospital due to increasing sensitivities to animal products  “My sudden and severe allergies were anaphylactic and resulted in an emergency visit to RPA. I was pumped up with drugs to combat the reactions but that didn’t make things any better; So I reviewed everything that I consumed in order to to turn my life around. After slowly eliminating various ingredients and products, completely going vegan stopped my allergies from occurring”, Ursula explains.

Ursula hopes that Real Grounded cafe will impress both vegan and non-vegan eaters: “I want everyone to be completely satisfied after a meal at our cafe and for everyone to discover that vegan food is not just about eating salad or having a plain, bland meal. All the usual food and drinks favourites that you’d find in most cafes can be found at Real Grounded, using creative and inventive plant-based substitutions that taste amazing”. – Says Real Grounded founder.

“The coffee beans we use are roasted to work perfectly with plant-based milks, enabling the perfect cup of coffee, without the saturated fat of dairy milk. We make all our food in-house and from scratch, including our sauces. Our Cafe is very family and wheel-chair friendly,as we have no steps at all for customers, and wide access”.

Real Grounded is located at 73 Glebe Point Road and is open seven days a week. They will launch their charcoal infused dishes this friday 27th Oct as part of their Halloween event series. Check out their fb page for the yummy details