Vegan White Chocolate Pistachio Bark

This white chocolate treat is so versatile that you can add almost anything to it. Wrap it in a cellophane bag for a beautiful handmade gift

By Cassie Heneghan

Makes 1 slab


300g vegan white chocolate

1 cup pistachios, roasted, roughly chopped

2 tbsp pink confetti sprinkles

1. Line a baking tray with canola oil spray and baking paper and set aside.

2. Place the chocolate into a heat proof bowl and into the microwave for 1 minute. Stir and place back into the microwave for a further 30 seconds and stir again. Repeat at 30 second intervals if chocolate isn’t melted.

3. Pour the chocolate onto the prepared tray and spread out evenly using a pallet knife. Sprinkle with pistachios and sprinkles and allow to set, approximately 30 minutes.

4. Break into pieces and place into cellophane bags or air tight containers.